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Chaos was forged from generosity by the creators.  Our purpose is to fill the void, the space that stands between where you are now and your goals for the future.  Join us as we create everlasting bonds to carry with you long after you have achieved your goals.

We are a pvp/pve leveling guild looking for members with a positive attitude towards the game.  In order to ensure that our guild can provide you with a better gaming experience we have a strict invite policy.  All applicants are subject to the guild guidelines and approval from the supervising officers.  Our guidelines can always be found in the 'Information' box on the left for reference at any time.

 We reserve the right to remove any hostile members from the guild at any time.

Applicants who have been asked to apply by a specific officer are asked to list the circumstances at which they received their invitation in the 'Additional?' portion of the application.

Now Recruiting:
  • Low level toons who need help leveling up, getting gear, or farming mats for their professions.
  • Anyone interested in exploring the new content with friends.
  • 80-85's interested in running regular instances, and heroics
  • Find out more about us on the armory!
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Xenleaf, Oct 3, 10 7:10 PM.
Congratulations to Marionjura and Magicmango on their promotions.  Mj  has achieved the status of Pestilence, and Mango has reached that of War Horseman.

Due to an obsolete tier in the ranking system our new pvp tier will be called The Mangos led by Magicmango.

Congratulations to everyone and Good Luck out there.

Yet another ICC 10

Xenleaf, Sep 13, 10 1:03 AM.
Great work in ICC tonight everyone.  On our second attempt we are now 6/12 bosses.  Half way there!

Trial of the Crusader (10 man)

FoolScounsel, Sep 12, 10 8:45 PM.
I'm looking to see if there is enough interest in a pre-ICC raid for those characters who aren't quite ready to head into the Citadel. Respond to this if you're interested with the days and times you're available and the character you're interested in running. Hopefully we can get something started :D


Xenleaf, Sep 6, 10 9:44 AM.
ICC went great, thanks to everyone who showed up! We downed the first 3 bosses in one fell swoop.  You all should be very proud of what we accomplished on our first run.  :)

ICC 10

Xenleaf, Sep 1, 10 7:28 PM.
Scheduled for Sunday, be sure to sign up so we know you want to come.
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